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An Historical Overview

As No.7 has a long and very well established history which spans over five centuries we thought it was not only important that we furnish you with the history of our lodge itself, but how the lodge has interacted with both the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (Middle Ward) over the duration of their existance.

his grace, james 6th duke of hamilton painted by gavin hamilton

Over the centuries we have had many members of great stature, rank and importance within Scotland e.g. His Grace, James 6th Duke of Hamilton (18th century, and whose portrait is displayed on the right, painted by Gavin Hamilton), to Robert King Stewart (20th century) and several other members who hold office in several higher orders of freemasonary. We have therefore created two separate historical synopses for your perusal intertwined some images relating to our history.

As you will appreciate it is difficult to summarise in a concise fashion the history of an institution such as Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No.7, or to mention the support afforded to the Lodge by so many brethren and Sister Lodges over such a great period of time. Suffice it to say that they all have our sincere thanks. We hope that you have found our synopses of the last 314 years both informative and interesting and we thank you for your interest in our lodge. Any comments you may have in regard to either the above content or our web site will be gratefully received within our guest book.

A fully downloadable version of our complete history is available from our document downloads area.

History of Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No.7

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No.7, The Grand Lodge of Scotland & Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (Middle Ward)

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